About Us

Antrim Place Co-op is located in south Burnaby at 5300 Rumble street.
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In very close vicinity, there are one secondary and two elementary schools.

Nelson Elementary, 4850 Irmin St, Burnaby
Clinton Elementary, 5858 Clinton St, Burnaby
Burnaby South Secondary, 5455 Rumble Street, Burnaby

The Royal Oak Sky Train station is just 5 minutes walk away.
Also, you can find a lots of parks, sport areas, grocery stores, shops, restaurants etc.



Currently accepting applications for both market value units and subsidized housing.

To apply please click here
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Currently available:

One-bedroom:$ 720.00 (share purchase $1000)
Two-bedroom:$ 911.00 (share purchase $2000)
Three-bedroom:$ 1025.00 (share purchase $2500)
Four-bedroom:$ 1134.00 (share purchase $3000)

If you are looking for more information please contact us.


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Antrimplace CO-OP
5300 Rumble St.
Burnaby, V5J 2B6